A Biographical Description of Who I Be

Well you’re probably wondering who I am or what I do, or even what this site is all about beside just showing what I have done. Rightfully so; and for the most part it is just to show what kind of things (productions) I have done throughout my life. But before we go any further let me introduce my self first.

Who I Be:

My name is Joshua caleb Johnson, but for the past several years I have gone by caleb.

Mainly because…well it’s a long story. Although, if you really must know, hit me up sometime and I’ll tell you:) Moving on!
I was born and raised in a little town in southern Indiana called French Lick (If you want to know why it’s named that too, hit me up!) I come from a family of 6 including me, my mom, and dad. I have one older brother, and two older sisters. We are all five years apart progressing as (oldest-down) girl, boy, girl, and lastly boy (me)! I prefer to be referred to as the youngest and not the baby. The term baby has been to stereo typed just like red heads(which I also happen to be)! I became a child prodigy at the age of 13 with the sell of my first Oil panting of an Angel Fish.I went on from there to sell to a gallery in Texas and then being published in the American Lifestyle Magazine along with other child prodigies.

At the age of 16 my parents and I moved to Oklahoma where they got a job as assistant rangers for a christian camp. I attended my first public school there. Up to that point I had been home schooled. While there, I had the opportunity to teach model rockets and Hot-air Balloons, which is something I had not done before but had a great time doing. I also received my certification as a lifeguard and got my scuba license!
After my parents were let go from their jobs there at the camp about a year later due to the poor economy, we had to move back home to Indiana.

It was during this process that my parents asked what it was that I really wanted to do as far as career. Either continue being an artist or go into acting/ film making which I had shown a strong interest in over the years. I decided that I wanted to go for acting. In wisdom my parents suggested that I become a director since we are strong Christians, they felt that I would have a very hard time finding a job in acting that wouldn’t cause me to have to sacrifice some morals in the process. And beside I can act in my own movies and directors have a longer life span in the business as well so it was a win win situation. I agreed!

Thus started my career in movie making. My dad wrote the first script for “Time Collectors” in a month and a half, I directed it at the ripe age of 17, which, according to our research, makes me the youngest full length movie director. We finished shooting it in 8 weeks and proceeded to edit it for the next 10 months on our own.

We decided to have a hand in every aspect of the way so that we would know what it took to shoot a movie from every aspect. Now that that one is done and being marketed, we have started work on the next which is already in post production.


What This is For:

Ok, now that you know a little bit more about me, let’s move on to why you’re here, … well I dont really know for sure why you’re here but I have some good ideas. First of all, what GlasShack Productions stands for or represents is everything I have done or accomplished personally in my respected fields, whether it be movies, shorts, photography, art, or written word. It is where you can hopefully come learn and share our experiences together. I plan on having projects or contests if you will, that we work on as a community, sharing our talents for a common goal.

Enjoy your stay!


- Caleb Johnson