A lot has happened since I posted an entry. Most obvious being the fact that my website was down for awhile hah. I was switching host companies and something got left out in the switch, causing the hosting fairies not to not like each other and then I found a map to go on a quest which took me away from being able to be a peacemaker etc guys know how it is! It's all fixed though so be expecting more entries. I will slowly be updating you awesome peeps on new things in the company and life. Big things are happening!! :) Talk soon. 


2 to Tangle on Cinevee

This past year I directed my second movie titled "2 to Tangle".

It is now on Cinevee, a website where you can rent moves online or purchase.

You can read the synopsis below as well as watch a trailer for 2 to Tangle on Cinevee. There are two buttons with the options to either rent or buy the movie on Cinevee! Your contributions are much appreciated and are what help us keep moving forward in this ministry. Thank you!

Those who have seen our first movie "Time Collectors" know that we have improved vastly from the first one and are still growing! 

The way 2 to tangle has been received by the public is wonderful. Not only that but actually having a choice in which distribution company we can go with is wonderful! People in high places are seeing our ever growing quality and are willing to get behind us. We are in the process of writing our next movie and i'm in the process of writing a screen play for a future Big budget project! The Lord is blessing but we ever need your prayers!



Jessica's true love starts appearing to her after his untimely death. Terrified and confused she seeks an explanation for what's haunting her. Through countless twists and surprises, she finds that learning the truth about her fiance's past becomes the key to understanding the present.

Clay Doss and Payton Patrone deliver a funny, heart-warming performance about a girl who finds her love unknowingly divided between two men. Joined by a cast of bright new talent, this romantic comedy is filled with laughs, tears, and joy while answering some of life's most important questions.





Liberation Web - Stop motion video


I great friend of mine sent this to me last night, I thought it deserved being shared.

Its a stop motion video that she put together for a poem she herself also wrote!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. It's simple but elegant and artistic.




#9 Painting-Video Hangout (Misty Wonder) Part 4


Interested in joining the *New live Painting Hangout tonight? Then join me here where you can watch it live. Tonight i will be coninuing on with Part 4 of "Misty Wonder".  Should be fun, see you there!



#8 Painting-Video Hangout (Misty Wonder) Part 3


Interested in joining the *New live Painting Hangout tonight? Then join me here at 7 O'clock Central time till 8pm where you can watch it live! Tonight I will be continuing on with part 3 of "Misty Wonder". Tonight I will be painting the rest of the tree layers. Should be fun, see you there!