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Update 05/29/12

This past sunday I was asked to take advertisement photos for a singer friend of mine named Jenna Epkey. You can check her out at the link at the bottom of the page. She's a great singer, one that I believe will make it big one of these days...i'm thinking, Thursday is her day! Haha but seriously, she is great! This was my first photo shoot with someone who hasn't modeled before so it was a challenge for both of us. But was also a really good thing for both of us to go through and learn. Important thing is that we had a great time. She's coming out with a new album and needed advertisement photos for her website, handouts, etc and one of my photos might even be used for her CD cover which would be ace! I will be uploading photos from the shoot sometime in the near future, I'm really busy editing the movie! 

So that is the latest exciting thing to happen recently. On another note, I plan on doing Vlogs soon, i've never done it and think it would be fun! So yes, Vlogs are in our near future!

Thats all I have right now! Have a wonderful day.

Until next time, keep expecting the unexpected!




Jenna Epkey



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